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#07: All things side hustle

With this episode, we try something different. You know this podcast is called side by side because both Ondrej and I enjoy having little side projects. So let me (Sam...

#06: Prototyping for Voice, Product Hunt and SEO

In this episode, we went live on Facebook. We brought back our original rambly conversations. Ondrej shares how he is prototyping a voice assistant. Sammy shares his s...

#05: The 3 Trends That Will Shape UX Design in 2019

In this episode, we share our wisdom. We talk about the 3 major UX Design trends you need to watch out in 2019.

#04: Make role models your family

Awareness is the key to becoming a growth machine. In this episode, Sammy shares a new model for understanding the role model & idol environment you are learning from.

#03: Loop and focus baby!

Already recorded back in July this is now the 3rd episode of Side by Side. Ondrej shares an awesome design thinking method for finding out about what matters to you an...

#02: Volcano, Waves, and Side Projects

2nd episode of Side by Side. Ondrej prepares for climbing Pico de Orizaba. Sammy just came home from Bali. And we give some great advice on how to start a side project...

#01: What are you working on?

The very first episode of Side by Side. A Podcast where (Ondrej and myself Sammy) talk about side projects, life, work and career stuff.

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